Focus Falcon Monokikare 10×25

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Kompakt, lätt och enkel att använda – Falcon Mono från Focus Sport Optics är en friluftsentusiasters bästa vän, som lätt får plats i fickan i din jacka.

The compact, pocket-friendly design makes Focus Falcon Mono a hiker or mountaineer’s smartest accessory.

Use it to find the best path forward or up! Or enhance your experience of nature by studying butterflies, flowers, birds and wildlife. The Falcon Mono can always accompany you. Also makes a great visual aid at concerts, events and out on a trip.

Robust construction with great optics

Focus Falcon Mono are robust, waterproof and equipped with a durable rubber cover that provides very good friction, so that you can hold your binocular with a safe and steady grip even with moist hands or gloves.

The Focus Falcon Mono have great close focus capabilities and works great as a magnifying glass or visual aid. Whether you are watching insects, butterflies or reading a street sign the Falcon Mono is there to help you.

Optical construction has BaK-4 prisms and advanced multilayer anti-reflection coating (FMC) to provide maximum brightness, contrast, sharpness and accurate color reproduction.

Twist-up eye cups makes it easy to use even when wearing glasses.

Användningsområde: Resa, Natur, Underhållning, Kompakt
Dimensioner (B x H x D): 113 x 33 x 36
Utgångspupill Ø: 2,6
Toppunktsavstånd: 16
Ögonmussla: Twist-Up
Synfält (°): 5,6
Synfält verklig (°): 56
Glastyp: BaK-4
Förstoring (x): 10
Optisk coating: FMC
Prismtyp: Roof
Stativadapter: Nej
Skymningsfaktor: 16
Vattentät : Ja
Vikt (g): 171
Synfält (1000m): 98
Närfokus (m): 2
Objektivdiameter (mm)25


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